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Custom email address setup

Setting up 1 new email address for an existing domain

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What's included in this offer?

  • Setting up 1 new email address for an existing domain*
    * Order size can be increased in the next step. Pricing changes with every additional email address
  • Creating a redirect in your email inbox
  • Setting your automated emails coming from your store to be sent from your new email address
What's not included?

  • Buying the domain name
    We will happily advise you how to do that

What will you need to provide us with?

  • Your desired email address
  • Login details to your domain name's provider
    We need to login to the admin panel in order to connect your domain name to the store
  • Login details to your hosting provider if you own one
    If you don't already pay for hosting we will need to order this service for you. This will require a small recurring payment for the hosting provider
  • Collaborator permissions
    You can learn more about it here