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Shopify store setup

Basic Shopify store with all the necessary setup, ready to start selling

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What's included in this offer?

  • 10 products added to your store
    We will add up to 10 products to your store, including title, description, image and price. If none provided, we will create an example product instead.
  • Default homepage
    We will implement a generic homepage design that might vary based on the number of products.
  • Contact page
    A simple page with a contact form.
  • Collection page
    Defaut page for a product collection.
  • Collections list page
    Default page listing all available product collections.
  • Search page
    A simple page allowing to search the contents of your store.
  • Navigation
    Header and footer menus including links to available pages.
  • Mobile responsive & browser compatible
    All work we produce is made to adapt to different browsers and devices.
  • Payment methods setup instructions
    This would require you to provide us with very sensitive information which we want to avoid but we will help you get there yourself.
What's not included?

What will you need to provide us with?

  • Your email address
    This is to set up the contact form on your store and so we can transfer all rights to you.
  • Store name
    The name of the store to be created. Store name requires minimum 4 characters.
  • Business location
    Main country of your business operation.
  • How do you want to take your payments?
    With Shopify, you can take payments online or in person, or both.
  • Are you already selling?
    Do you already sell in person, through a marketplace, or other ecommerce platform?
  • Would you like to enable customer accounts?
    If so, we will create a link to a login page where customers can create accounts and browse their order history.
  • Products to add
    Product photos, prices, titles and descriptions